Closing the Doors on Domestic Violence




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Intercepted is a nine month pre-trial diversion program for adults charged with a misdemeanor Assault case.



Our goal is to provide tools that include mental health diagnosis and treatment, education, job placement, batterer’s intervention counseling and mentorship. With these resources, Intercepted will provide an o9ppportunity for an offender who is headed in the wrong direction to change both their attitude and perspective on life.



Prior to being accepted into the program, each defendant must attend a screening and meet the following criteria:

• Must be under the age of 25

• Have an unadjudicated (pre-plea) misdemeanor assault charge

• Must not have any prior convictions for assault or any violent charges in their history, i.e robbery, harassment, murder, etc.

• Must not have any prior felony convictions, pending charges or currently on probation

• Must want to make a change in their life


Procedures/Scope of Treatment

Phase 1 Evaluation: the initial phase begins with a mental health evaluation, drug screening and literary testing

Phase 2 Treatment: Treatment may consist of mental health treatment, domestic batterer’s treatment, anger management treatment, substance abuse treatment and/or GED certifications

Phase 3 Aftercare: Upon beginning aftercare each candidate will be assigned a mentor who will help the candidate find job placement and build new daily living skills. *Upon completion of all three phases, the candidate will graduate and receive a dismissal of the pending charges.*

For more information about Intercepted please call 214.712.5062